Monday, June 22, 2015

Recent Buys : June 22, 2015

I decided it was time to diversify a bit and sold my shares of APO in my IRA account. I have been wanting to diversify this account for a while and there is still some work to do as I currently have 42% of my funds allocated to WPC.

My buys today cover several strong stocks I have been following and a couple new ones that were introduced to me by fellow bloggers.

I bought:  RDS.B, DPS, TROW, CMP, BAX.
I sold: APO

Here are the details of my transactions:

  • Bought 18 shares of RDS.B @ $60.25 adding $67.68 to my forward annual dividends.
  • Bought 15 shares of DPS @ $74.75 adding $28.80 to my forward annual dividends.
  • Bought 15 shares of TROW @ $78.939 adding $31.20 to my forward annual dividends.
  • Bought 12 shares of CMP @ $83.368 adding $31.68 to my forward annual dividends.
  • Bought 15 shares of BAX @ $70.169 adding $31.20 to my forward annual dividends.
Overall, my forward dividends decreased by ~$150 because APO had a massive 6% projected yearly dividend. However I don't feel that dividend is sustainable by APO which is part of the reason I sold. I am much happier with these new purchases

See my updated portfolio page here:

How do you feel about these purchases? Own any or planning on buying?


  1. Wow lots of purchases there! Congrats on adding $150 to your dividend income....thats awesome!


  2. Hi R2R! Thanks for stoppig by and the encouragement. Its more of a rebalancing but it still feels good. Hopefully i will add again in a few weeks!

  3. Hey Adam,

    These buys look very solid to me.
    I definitely want to buy TROW and BAX. Especially TROW is looking so attractive at the moment.

    While your net passive income might not profit from this change, I do think this diversification is the right choice. Great job!

    Best wishes, DfS

    1. Hi DfS, thanks for commenting. I feel much more comfortable with this setup than i did owning APO.

      I saw a few others buy TROW and BAX so i did my research and liked what i saw.

      I like RDS at this price but i think the next year might be rough. We will see.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Thank you for putting CMP on my radar. I'll have to do some research on that one.

    1. Youre welcome, Captain. They arent a household name but the data looks good from what i can see.

    2. Oops hit send too early. Thanks for the comment Captain!

  5. All great buys - I own CMP and TROW as well. At this rate you will retire very soon!

    Take care,


    1. Hi Ken, thats the plan! Although im still a ways off. Every bit helps. Glad to see someone else with CMP! Thanks for stopping in.

  6. Adam, I like your purchases. I want to add more to my TROW position if it stay at these prices. Interesting choices on CMP and DPS. Will research more on CMP....

    1. Hi DS, TROW seems to be popular right now. It sure looks good! Hope you can pull the trigger soon on it! Thanks for commenting!

  7. Of the 5, I like TROW and CMP the best. TROW is always a good choice, and CMP is one of those hidden gems that really needs more exposure than it gets. I love the products, especially during wintertime in Wisconsin. I'm actively considering swapping out my BBL and SOUHY for a stake. BAX, I see as cutting its dividend with the BXLT spinoff. RDS.B is iffy with the dividend, and I think DPS is overvalued (but still a good company). Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Mark, I am with you. I like CMP a lot right now. The others only time will tell. They are currently a small percentage so Im not too worried.

      Thanks for your feedback and comments!