Friday, July 24, 2015

Blog Statistics as of July 23, 2015

Here are the stats for my blog so far. I am a numbers person (I am an engineer) so I really enjoy interpreting data to see trends or how to improve. This blog provides a perfect outlet for that.

First Blog Post8 weeks ago (5-29-15)
Pageviews Total4121
# of posts18
Average time on Site:2:10

I can't believe its been 8 weeks already that my site has been active. Time flies for sure. I created a blog about various things a few years ago and in 6 months time, I think I had 100 visitors. Seeing the site with over 4,000 views is truly mind boggling to me. I appreciate everyone taking the time to come visit and even read some of my posts (based on average time of 2 minutes on site, I assume people are reading).

Top Referring Sites

The referring sites is interesting. Its noted too that I get equal traffic from Social Media (twitter), Direct links (google search, direct entry), as well as referrals from other sites (listed above). The referrals come largely from comments I make on other blogs as well as when bloggers link back to my site as a reference. I am not sure what the spam like sites are because I don't pay to do any advertising (get-free-traffic-now and e-buyeasy).

Top 2 Posts:
Summary of Recent Buys - Week of July 12
June Summary

I only listed the top 2 because it is really all that matters. The first is the weekly post I hope to keep going for a long time. It summarizes the buys from the blogging community of Dividend Growth Investors and I find extremely interesting. The June Summary is stats of my buys, dividends, and my goals for the month. I find it interesting but am glad that others do too apparently.

Thank you to everyone that visits, comments, retweets my posts and supports with kind words.


  1. Good job with the number of visitors. I recently started playing with google analytics. I an still making sense of the numbers.

    1. Good job D4S! I have noticed there are some differences between blogger stats and google analytics. Analytics provides a lot more detail too which can help fine tune your site. It's a lot to process for sure!

  2. Nice. Glad to see that some of your traffic is being referred from my site :)


    1. It sure has R2R and I appreciate it! I'm still stumped by some of the top referrers but oh well, as long as people know that I am not paying to get visitors it's all good.

  3. Hi IWTRS, interesting stats and I am happy to serve you as a nr 2 referrer :-) As to the darodar, buttons, free traffic and other strange looking referrals - these are caused by hackers that abuse the google analytics traffic monitoring function and create false statistics. There are some articles on the web that will help you set up a filter in google analytics to only show the traffic that has landed on your server. Look for the filter to included only your domain name in the hosts. Good luck and keep up the good work. Michael

    1. Hi Michael,

      Interesting info about the hacking. I will def look that up and see what I can do. Thanks for the tip! I also checked out your site. Looks like a convenient feed of all the DGI blogs! No wonder you are a top referrer. Thanks for the traffic!

  4. Your doing great over here IWTRS, keep up the great work

    1. Thanks ADD and thanks for stopping by!

  5. Great Job Adam,
    Nice to see this style of post published ;)

    It's really important that you stop the referral spam in your google analytics - check out this site: http://www.ohow.co/stop-e-buyeasy-com-referral-spam-in-google-analytics/

    Basically you add a filter with the url of the referrer. I was getting all types of forums/free traffic and other crap that never even hits your site. The referral spam is usually a bot/crawling spider that just keeps submitting page requests to your site - This could screw with your analytics and google has been trying to fight it for the past few years.

    Cheers - Rich

    1. Hey Rich,

      I definitely stole this idea from your site! ;)

      Thanks a lot for the link. I will get on that tonight and filter that junk out. What a shame that I have to do it at all!


  6. Hey, great to see that you are getting some views! I see that other people are commenting that you have a lot of crawler views, and I do too. That's why I usually only using Google analytics for diving deep into where people are coming from, what they look at, and how long they stay. For page views, I usually just use the basic Wordpress statistics page. While it is not as in-depth, it gets the job done.

    Have a good day,

    1. Hi Erik,

      I agree, you have to take stats as just that... Stats. It's just fun to see what is going on. I'm going to make the change mentioned above in the comments though and see what happens. I'll post in a few months to see if there is a difference. Thanks for stopping in!