Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Recent Buys - June 14, 2015

A quick update for my portfolio.

In my ShareBuilder (Now Capital One Investing Account), my monthly purchases kicked in and bought the following:

  • 3.8308 shares of OHI
  • 1.6246 shares of TGT
  • 1.3956 shares of UNP
  • 2.0658 shares of DLR
  • 1.5229 shares of HSY
  • 3.0513 shares of O
  • 1.4645 shares of DE 
 This raises my Annual Forward Dividends by $36.51  to $917.51

I still like every one of these names here and they are still only around 3% of my total portfolio. I will look next month at other names as well as these.

Even though my fees are only $3.95 per Tx, I feel like I might be better off buying in bigger chunks. This purchase was roughly $28 in fees, it was still 2.8% of the transaction cost. That to me is too high. I might switch to buying one of these stocks each month over the next 7 months, paying a total of $28 in fees on a cost basis of $7000, lowering my cost to 0.4%. Sounds like a plan to me!

Buy anything interesting lately?


  1. Nice purchases. I think overall the companies will do well. The fees are a little high - I am also with sharebuilder/capital one and I think their fees, while reasonable can be reduced. I am looking at other options out there.

    1. Thanks DS. The free auto dividend reinvest is nice with share builder but buying often can get expensive. I need to look at IB more in depth I think.

  2. I'm planning on picking up some $O this month, glad to see I'm not alone!

  3. Just got some dividends from O yesterday! Good deal!

  4. Adam,

    What the heck! I'm new to this whole thing, but I tried buying decimal amounts of stocks and Scottrade wouldn't let me. Most likely, I'm doing something wrong but I would have purchased more of the PG stock had they let me!

    I'll have to look into O. :)


    1. FM,

      Ya they don't do partial shares. I am doing that with my share builder account. It is pretty nice cause it puts all your money to work. It's not real time though, but for most that's ok. 3.95 trades as well :)