Saturday, July 18, 2015

Summary of Recent Buys - Week of July 12

I am starting a new summary post that details the stock and number of shares recently bought by the blogging community. This is a manual process so there may be errors. If you want to be included on this list, please comment or send me a message and I will make sure to add you.

I am recording based on the post date from each blogger, not the actual buy date. This is just to keep my sanity and make the process easier. If you have any suggestions for format or additional info, please comment as well and I can try to add in future weeks.

Just like Chatter around the world by RoadMap2Retire and Weekly Roundup by Passive Income Pursuit, I hope this list to be helpful and informative to those looking for ideas on stocks to invest in. I recommend researching them yourself before investing, as always. Without further adieu, here is the summary:

For the week of July 12-18, NOV was the only duplicate I saw in names. There was quite a range this week in stock names. Some old time favorites like RDSb, KO, WMT and also some new names that I haven't seen before like DOV, RY and ETN.

The following charts summarizes the week. The numbers indicate how many shares were purchased of each.

A Christian Investor

A Frugal Family's Journey


Accumulating Assets


American Dividend Dream

Average Dividend Yield


Captain Dividend

Cash Cow Couple

Create My Independence

Dennis Mccain

Div Kid




Dividend Developer

Dividend Diplomats


Dividend Engineering

Dividend for Starters

Dividend Growth Investor

Dividend Hawk


Dividend Lord

Dividend Mantra 20

Dividend Odyssey

Dividend Quest

FI Monkey


Get Financially Integrated!

Hello Suckers ...

Live Off My Dividends

My Dividend Growth


My Dividend Pipeline 35

My Money Design

My Road to Wealth and Freedom

Passive Income Mavericks

Passive Income Pursuit

Redeemed Finance


Retire Before Dad





# of Bloggers Buying21111111111111111111


  1. Great idea for a resource of the summary, Adam. Thanks for putting this together and sharing with the community. May I recommend either a replacement or additional data on the sheets? How about capturing the dollar amount invested instead of number of shares? That would make it easier to compare the size of each purchase (or sales, if you want to track that as well).

    Also, thanks for the mention...Im glad to hear that my weekly posts were an inspiration for this.


  2. Adam, I think this will become a great resource for everyone. I had the same suggestion to include the total dollar amount. Also, sector information would be nice. Then, you can get an indication which sectors are hot or not.
    In any case, thanks for putting this together.

  3. Great suggestions guys. I will put the amount invested instead of shares for next week. Sector info is a good suggestion too. I think a monthly summary might be good too for seeing patterns over a longer period. I'll see what I can do there. Thanks a lot for your comments and suggestions!

  4. Thanks for the mention. I think this will be a good source of information for those looking for purchase ideas. I know I struggle with ideas at times. The dollar amount would be helpful but I don't think it's necessary because there's so much variation between all of our situations that it's not as applicable. So a $1,500 purchase for one person might be a big purchase but that might be a little purchase for someone else. I do think maybe a color coordination of the sector that the company in would be helpful though. That's a really good idea.

    1. Thanks JC... I will have to give the dollar amount some thought. I agree it depends on the scope of the investor... but shares is also misleading because 1 share of IBM is 4 shares of KMI... so its hard to relate. Its also more complicated to get the dollar amount as it needs to be calculated in most of the posts. I will do the sector for sure though!

  5. Well done Adam. As you can see from our blog, I am a big fan of charts. Such a great way to show data visually. :)

    We also maintain a Collection of Recent Buys but only report the results on a monthly basis. I Hopefully, you can keep this up on a weekly basis, its a nice resource for those looking for ideas. I will be reading your recent summaries also to make sure I haven't missed any. Feel free to do the same with ours. :)

    Thanks for sharing your research with the rest of the DGI community. Best wishes and continued success on your journey. AFFJ

    1. Thanks AFFJ!

      I by no means am trying to trump your post and I see room for both in the community :). I like your idea of double checking each other's summaries as well. Although it's not crucial that every detail is 100% accurate, I do like things to be as close as possible!

      See ya around!