Monday, August 31, 2015

Blog Stats: 10,000 Hits!

 It has officially been 3 months since I started this blog and have been following my early retirement strategy of Dividend Growth Investing. Let me start by saying, it has been AWESOME! The community is unlike any other I have ever seen. The feeling of investing in high quality stocks week after week feels good (even when the market is hit with one of the biggest point losses in history). Also the dividends that I get paid every month for doing nothing is pretty exciting and fun.

I have officially reached 10,000 hits according to my blogger stats. I know these are misleading and not true stats, but what is in a number anyway? I don't have any goals for number of hits, or income related to the blog, or to be popular. This blog is to ensure I am held accountable for what I do on this journey and to hopefully provide some encouragement and information to those who take the same path.

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  • Total Number of Posts: 30
  • Total Comments: 207 (including my own responses)
  • Average Time on Site: 2 minutes
Most Popular Posts:
  1. Recent Buy (EMR) : August 11, 2015
  2. Summary of Recent Buys - Week of August 2 
  3. Summary of Recent Buys - Week of August 9 
  4. Recent Buy (DPS, CMP, MMM) 
It appears that my weekly summaries are popular as expected because they do provide the most information, especially to those just starting out or looking for ideas.

Google Analytics (Advertising stats from the month of August Only):
  • 5,649 Impressions on all pages!
  • 1 Clicked Advertisement
  • $1.10 Total Revenue from Blog
As stated above, I don't do this for the revenue from blogging, as is obvious by this months revenue. But hey, it is better than nothing... for doing absolutely nothing! 85% of the revenue above came from the 1 clicked ad this month.

Twitter Stats (@IWTRSFeed):
  • 150 Tweeters I Follow
  • 60 Tweets

Top Website Referrers:


A big thank you to all the sites above that were referrals to my site. I was able to eliminate a lot of the noise from the above top 10 thanks to some feedback from Rich @ Redeemed Finance. If interested to learn how, start here.

Goal for Next Update: Increase Twitter Followers and increase my activity on Twitter! Thanks for reading and take care!

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed investment professional. I am not liable for any losses suffered by any parties. Any information on this site is my opinion only and should not be used for investments of any kind.


  1. Congratulation on your 10k milestone. Your posts are very useful for the community so I expect your readership to increase even more!

    1. Thanks, as always, D4s for the kind words!