Thursday, August 6, 2015

Dividend Income for July 2015

I find these posts motivating from other bloggers so I thought I would join the fun. Here is what my portfolio actually paid me in the month of July:

  • O paid $2.50 which was auto reinvested
  • DIS paid $3.96 which was auto reinvested
  • KO paid $6.25 which was auto reinvested
  • PM paid $9.38 which was auto reinvested
  • WPC paid $119.25 which is awaiting reinvestment

In Total, I received  $141.34 this month from dividends. I still need to spread out my investment in WPC to diversify but man that dividend every quarter is nice to see!


  1. IWTRS

    What a great WPC dividend income, next payment will be larger, so keep the snowball rolling.

  2. Thanks FF! Yes it is pretty sweet right now but I just don't like so many of my eggs in one basket. It does ease my worries a bit every quarter that I get paid though! Thanks for stoppin in and commenting.