Sunday, August 30, 2015

Summary of Recent Buys - Week of August 23

My weekly summary of buys from around the blogging community for the week of August 16, 2015.

This weeks totals:

  • 55 Total Purchases
  • 35 Uniquely Different Stocks Bought 
  • 21 Different Bloggers Posted Buys
A total of $39,355 was invested in dividend stocks this week.

Bloggers increased forward yearly dividends by  $1,374! Nice work bloggers!

Top 3 Purchased Stocks this week:
  1. JNJ - 5 Buys
  2. PG - 5 Buys
  3. UNP  - 4 Buys
JNJ was the hot stock this week with 5 bloggers posting buys. The market recovered nicely since Monday's deeply red opening. There are still a lot of good values out there. Here are the F.A.S.T Graphs for the top 3 stocks. A nice decline recently in all 3 is pulling them back into better valuations.

Here is the summary of stocks, amount invested, and which blogger posted the buy.

Week of August 23
3AAPL1.84%1400Dividend Hustler
5ABT2.09%300Young Dividend
1BBL7.13%250Accumulating Assets
4BNS4.78%428A Frugal Family's Journey
1BP7.21%350Accumulating Assets
3CL2.40%350Young Dividend
4COF2.07%783Well Rounded Investor
1CVX5.32%100Dividend Growth Journey
1CVX5.32%300Accumulating Assets
1CVX5.32%1161My Dividend Growth
6DE2.91%80Dividend Lord
7DIS1.29%149Dividend Swan
7DIS1.29%100Dividend Growth Journey
6EMR3.91%485Well Rounded Investor
6GE3.66%249Well Rounded Investor
3GM4.96%250My Dividend Pipeline
8IBM3.51%1871My Dividend Pipeline
5JNJ3.15%200Young Dividend
5JNJ3.15%1850Dividend Hawk
5JNJ3.15%100Dividend Growth Journey
5JNJ3.15%250My Dividend Pipeline
3KMB3.28%200Young Dividend
1KMI6.01%240My Dividend Pipeline
1KMI6.01%990Passive Income Mavericks
3KO3.35%250My Dividend Pipeline
3KO3.35%50My Dividend Growth
6MMM2.84%700I Want To Retire Soon
7NSC2.98%793Well Rounded Investor
4O4.96%414Redeemed Finance
7PAYX3.74%250My Dividend Pipeline
3PG3.72%1511Dividend Hustler
3PG3.72%100Young Dividend
3PG3.72%250My Dividend Pipeline
3PG3.72%1400Pollies Dividend
3PM4.98%1991Dividend Empire
1RDS.b7.15%350Accumulating Assets
4TD4.03%387Well Rounded Investor
3TIS5.78%987Passive Income Mavericks
4TROW2.87%1152Financial Freedom
1TRP4.53%1099Dividend Hustler
7TWX1.94%1430Dividend Empire
3UL3.31%50My Dividend Growth
3UL3.31%1592Dividend Growth Journey
3UL3.25%630Passive Income Mavericks
7UNP2.53%884Well Rounded Investor
7UNP2.53%1358Dividend Hustler
7UNP2.53%250My Dividend Pipeline
7UNP2.53%1350Dividend Mantra
4WFC2.80%1544Dividend Growth Journey
7WMT3.02%1747Dividend Hustler
7WMT3.02%250My Dividend Pipeline
7WMT3.02%150My Dividend Growth

Sector Information:

For the Sector information, I use FinViz.com when possible as it is easy to find a consistent sector list. Here are the Sector codes I use in the chart (# is the number of each stock purchased in that sector):

3Consumer Goods1612890
1Basic Materials94840
6Industrial Goods41514


Which of these stocks are you looking to buy next week? Any surprises in this list?

I cross referenced my data with A Frugal Family's Journey's page about Collection of Recent Buys. They provide a link to the individual posts as well as the amount invested. I  stuck with shares purchased this week but I may start to include the amount invested in future posts. 
Disclaimer: I am not a licensed investment professional. I am not liable for any losses suffered by any parties. Any information on this site is my opinion only and should not be used for investments of any kind.


  1. Great summary - IWTRS. Thanks for compiling this and putting this together.


    1. Hi R2R. It is my pleasure to do. Thanks for your continued support! Take care,


  2. Thanks for taking the time to create this list Adam. Keep hustling it up and build our portfolios to greater heights. Take care and Cheers to our journey bud.

    1. You betcha Hustler! Appreciate the words and the comment! Take care!