Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Recent Buy (OKE) : November 17, 2015

I recently added a new company to my portfolio. ONEOK (OKE) is a natural gas company with a long and solid history. 2015 was a rough year for OKE but forecasts for the next several years look promising.

  • Bought 34.11 shares of OKE @ $29.19 ($996 Total Invested)
This purchase adds $83.93 to my forward annual dividends bringing my new total to $1,374.68.
Here are the stats I used to determine this was a good buy for me:
  • Current Dividend: 8.2%
  • Current P/E : 19
  • Dividend Payout Ratio: 146%
  • Years Paying Dividend : 30 Years
  • Dividend Growth Rate : 15.6% (over past 17 years)
  Let's take a look at the F.A.S.T Graph:

Solid history of dividend raises as well:

 What do you think of OKE?

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  1. 8.2% is hard to pass up. I initiated a position a while back at $34 or so, I thought it was a great deal then. Now the deal is even sweeter. I'll definitely buying some more.

    1. Sure is Vivianne! It is a great value right now. I think the next year for them wil be an uphill battle but they should be able to sustain their dividend. Let's hope for the best! Thanks for the comment!

  2. Nice buy. I picked up OKE a few months ago at a higher price. The yield is fantastic.

    1. Ya it is IH! I like it and am hoping the dividend stays put as it is pretty awesome right now! Thanks for stopping in and commenting!