Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Recent Buy (DIS, ADM) : February 23, 2016

Yesterday, I added to 1 of my current holdings (DIS) and started a new position in another (ADM). Lets start with Disney. I just got back from vacation in Orlando and we visited Downtown Disney, Disney Boardwalk, and Animal Kingdom Lodge ( Not the park, just the hotel/resort at Animal Kingdom). I am still blown away at the detail that Disney puts into everything. Its not perfect, but there really is no place like it (and I have stayed at a Hilton over water bungalow in Tahiti). Nevermind Star wars, Pixar, etc... that they have going for them.... I think the future looks bright for Disney. 

ADM has been popping up all over the blogging community lately. Earnings this year look to be flat but things are projected to pick up again in following years. The stock has taken quite a hit in the past few months but the dividend increases have been steady. Long term, I think this will be an excellent addition to my portfolio.

  • Bought 5.1816 shares of DIS @ $95.73 ($496 Total Invested)
  • Bought 14.4975 shares of ADM @ $33.5265 ($496 Total Invested

These purchases adds $24.75 to my forward annual dividends bringing my new total to $1,419.09.
 ADM EPS Forecast:

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  1. Although we don't own either company in our portfolio, I do like both companies. Disney is a money making machine! Congrats on both purchases.

    1. Hi Tawcan! Thanks for the note! Hard to stop the Disney train right now for sure. Love having them in my portfolio! Take care!