Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Recent Buys (AAPL, WFC, PFE) - April 19, 2016



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  • Bought 4.07 shares of AAPL at $109.59 for a total of $450
  • Bought 9.96 shares of WFC at $49.79 for a total of  $500
  • Bought 15.02 shares of PFE at $33.03 for a total of $500
This move increases my dividend projections by $41.43 annually. 

Full portfolio here.


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  1. Adam,

    Some great additions! I was really hoping my AGN shares (which I bought before the deal was announced) would get me in on PFE...fail right there. I also own Wells Fargo through a Motif. Three very recognizable brands which we know are leaders in their respective industries.

    -The Dividend Mogul

    1. Hi Mogul, Thanks for the comment! I am quite happy with the purchases. They are solid names and I was happy to add them. Take CAre!


  2. You've got some nice buys. I like WFC and AAPL as they are very much within a reasonable price range. AAPL doesn't feel like it but the amount of cash they have on hand is incredible. On the other hand, I would not be able to justify a buy on PFE right now. I question where their company is going and their ability to continue with the patents they currently survive off of. But then again, I hear that a lot about my ABBV buy as well :). That's investing though! It's a gamble no matter what you do!

    1. Hi Reaper! I hear ya on PFE. That's why I limped in with only $500 for now. I suspect they have a major announcement coming this year and they do have a decent amount of cash so I feel the dividend is safe. You are right, ABBV has some concerns too. Same with IBM, oil companies, etc etc. haha. Time will tell. Thanks for your input!