Monday, April 25, 2016

Summary of Recent Buys - Week of April 18, 2016

My weekly summary of buys from around the blogging community. If you have made purchases this week and do not see them on this list, please let me know and I will add you to my list of sites I monitor for buy posts. 

This week saw more SELLs in the community than BUYs! I understand it though. CVX is at a good price still and the future is in question. No new additions to the Trending stocks this month as all stocks only had 1 buy. The chart a few pages down shows that there were 2 stocks with multiple buys but actually those dont account for sells, which reduce the number back to 0.

Top Trending Stocks!
1.DIS▼ -16
2.WFC▬ +06
3.BBL▼ -11
4.RY▼ -10


This weeks totals:

This WeekChange From Last Week
Total Stock Transactions261
Unique Stocks Bought/Sold240
Different Bloggers posting157
Total Cost$14,3285304
Increase in Dividends$40155
Yield on Purchases2.8%-1.04%

I have charted the weekly S&P % Return vs Amount of Money invested in the market for that week.

Top Purchased Stocks this week

*Everything was tied at 1 buy each, so no top Buys for the week

Top Buys This Week!
RankTicker# buys



*note on chart below. CVX were actually both sells and STX had 1 buy and 1 sell this week.

Here is the summary of stocks, amount invested, and which blogger posted the buy/sell with a link to the post:

Week of April 18
SectorTickerYieldAmountBlogger w/Link to Buy PostBuy/Sell
4AD.TO5.24%1467Dividend BeginnerBuy
4AES3.94%280Race 2 RetirementBuy
1AQN.TO4.78%1079Dividend HustlerBuy
1BBL2.25%-513New To DividendsSell
5BEP.UN6.44%1129Dividend HustlerBuy
8CCI4.03%440Race 2 RetirementBuy
4CLDT6.29%540Race 2 RetirementBuy
5CVX4.19%-3576Investment HuntingSell
Roadmap 2 RetireSell
7EAT2.87%132New To DividendsBuy
4EPR5.97%323Race 2 RetirementBuy
4HCN5.04%709Passive Income MavericksBuy
1IPL.TO5.83%1494Dividend BeginnerBuy
1KMI6.89%370Passive Income MavericksBuy
1NOV6.28%-176New To DividendsSell
4RY4.18%622Race 2 RetirementBuy
7SBUX1.39%230New To DividendsBuy
5SPAN3.45%3400Simple Dividend GrowthBuy
4STX9.95%343Passive Income MavericksBuy
4STX9.95%-2599Simple Dividend GrowthSell
4V0.71%1977Investment HuntingBuy
7VOD3.12%660Passive Income MavericksBuy
4WFC2.96%2479Dividend HustlerBuy
7WMT2.91%345Race 2 RetirementBuy
4WPC6.41%610Race 2 RetirementBuy

Sector Information:
For the Sector information, I use FinViz.com when possible as it is easy to find a consistent sector list. Here are the Sector codes I use in the chart (# is the number of each stock purchased in that sector):    

3Consumer Goods12563
1Basic Materials52254
6Industrial Goods00



I cross reference my list with A Frugal Family's Journey's list as well, but I do not guarantee the accuracy. If you see any mistakes, please comment or send me an email.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed investment professional. I am not liable for any losses suffered by any parties. Any information on this site is my opinion only and should not be used for investments of any kind.

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