Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Recent Buy (WFC) - May 24, 2016


  • Bought 10.07 shares of WFC at $49.23 for a total of $500

This move increases my dividend projections by $15.20 annually. I see WFC has still under valued right now at just under $50 per share. Take a look at the Fast Graph below. Since 2008, the stock price has followed the orange line relatively close and lately it has been moving more down that sideways as EPS have been flat. 2017 looks up for WFC and I think we will see continued Dividend growth from them as well as an increase in stock price.

Full portfolio here.

Long: WFC

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  1. Adam, nice purchase. I think the interest rate increase will definitely help WFC. I personally want to add more if the price dips further.

    1. Thanks D4s! I am keeping this on my short list as well. Hope for the best. Take care...