Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Recent Buys (DIS,MMM,RY,F,WPC) - May 11, 2016



  • Sold 50 Shares of WPC at $63.69 for a total of ($3177.73) 
  • Bought 4.2002 shares of DIS at $106.19 for a total of $450
  • Bought 1 share of MMM at $167.78 for a total of $167.78 (Scottrade DRIP)
  • Bought 20 shares of RY at $58.40 for a total of $1,175.10
  • Bought 100 shares of F at $13.34 for a total of $1341.65
This move actually decreases my dividend projections by $73 annually but I still have $750 of cash looking for a home. Hard to find value right now. I wanted to sell some more of my large WPC stash as it was back to my breakeven point. I still own many shares of WPC and will buy more if it drops again, but for now, I needed to lower my exposure.

Full portfolio here.

Long: DIS,  

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  1. Solid buys, I'd love to own some Disney stocks but don't have any US cash to do that right now. RY is a solid buy IMO.

  2. Hi Tawcan! Thanks for the comment. I wish I had waited until after earnings in DIS but oh well. Still a good buy long term.

  3. Own some DIS and bought some more today after the big drop. Slowly building up!

    1. I think that's a good move long term! They are making the right moves and there Star Wars numbers didn't disappoint. Thanks for the comment!