Monday, May 23, 2016

Summary of Recent Buys - Week of May 16, 2016

My weekly summary of buys from around the blogging community. If you have made purchases this week and do not see them on this list, please let me know and I will add you to my list of sites I monitor for buy posts. 


The numbers this week were up considerably. AAPL topped the list of trending stocks again as it is still under $100. Some new names this week on the trend list. PEB and STAG are new to the chart this week as is TGT. TGT took a hit this past week as the forecast for the year was not what investors expected.

Top Trending Stocks!
1.AAPL▲ +27
2.DIS▼ -16
3.WFC▬ +06
4.GILD▬ +03
5.TGT▲ +22
6.STAG▲ +22
7.PEB▲ +22
8.BBL▼ -11
9.SBUX▼ -11
10BNS▼ -11

This weeks totals:

This WeekChange From Last Week
Total Stock Transactions272
Unique Stocks Bought/Sold22-2
Different Bloggers posting135
Total Cost$62,40053375
Increase in Dividends$2,8142468
Yield on Purchases4.5%0.67%

I have charted the weekly S&P % Return vs Amount of Money invested in the market for that week.


Top Purchased Stocks this week

Top Buys This Week!
RankTicker# buys


Here is the summary of stocks, amount invested, and which blogger posted the buy/sell with a link to the post:

Week of May 16
SectorTickerYieldAmountBlogger w/Link to Buy PostBuy/Sell
3AAPL2.36%1905Dividend HustlerBuy
3AAPL2.36%1860American Dividend DreamBuy
5ABT2.78%3759My Dividend PipelineBuy
3ADM2.96%1786American Dividend DreamBuy
5BEP.UN6.02%2669Dividend HustlerBuy
5CAH2.32%1794American Dividend DreamBuy
4CLDT6.31%212Race 2 RetirementBuy
1CMP3.56%1074Captain DividendBuy
4EPR5.50%350Race 2 RetirementBuy
5GILD2.25%1255Dividend HustlerBuy
8MSFT2.87%2552My Dividend PipelineBuy
5OHI7.48%8736American Dividend DreamBuy
4PEB6.37%1820American Dividend DreamBuy
4PEB6.37%2400Simple Dividend GrowthBuy
3RAI3.37%696Dividend ReaperBuy
9SO4.50%2433My Dividend PipelineBuy
4STAG6.70%1785American Dividend DreamBuy
4STAG6.70%7000Simple Dividend GrowthBuy
4TGT3.29%2672My Dividend PipelineBuy
4UA0.00%1924American Dividend DreamBuy
4VZ4.60%2487My Dividend PipelineBuy
4WPC6.19%300Race 2 RetirementBuy
9XEL3.38%1000Young DividendBuy

Sector Information:
For the Sector information, I use FinViz.com when possible as it is easy to find a consistent sector list. Here are the Sector codes I use in the chart (# is the number of each stock purchased in that sector):  
3Consumer Goods511399
1Basic Materials11074
6Industrial Goods00



I cross reference my list with A Frugal Family's Journey's list as well, but I do not guarantee the accuracy. If you see any mistakes, please comment or send me an email.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed investment professional. I am not liable for any losses suffered by any parties. Any information on this site is my opinion only and should not be used for investments of any kind.


  1. Good to see people made same purchase as me,I did purchase WFC last week.

    1. Hi Desi D,

      I added your site to my feed for looking for buys. Hopefully from now on I will include your buys as well. Thanks for the comment! I have an order posting today for some WFC as well!


    2. Thanks for adding me, yes i am also looking to add more of wfc.

  2. Thanks for including me! I certainly made the total cost jump a bit!

    1. Yes you sure did! I debated how to include your big purchases but then just decided its like any other buy and should be treated as such. Congrats on the new investments and thanks for stopping by.