Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Recent Buy (CSCO) - July 26, 2016

  • Bought 14.48 shares of CSCO at $30.79 for a total of $450

This move increases my dividend projections by $15.06 annually. Overall my projected annual dividends are up to $1505.53

Here is the fast Graph for CSCO.

What do you think of CSCO

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Long: CSCO

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  1. Interesting move! I've got a few buddies interning as MBAs this summer at CSCO. I'll let you know their thoughts! ;) Curious to know what your purchase cost is? Those fees can eat up your return if you aren't careful. Anyway, just a thought! Keep rockin,

    1. Hey PID, you want to know my fees for the purchase? It was $3.95 through capital one investing. Less than 1% which is my goal. I set up the purchase last week but if I could have caught it, I would have bought RAI today. Oh well, it's only a relatively small purchase. Anyway thanks for stopping by!

    2. Hey Adam, that's awesome! Less than one percent is a hugely important task in the long wrong. Just wrote about that the other day. $3.95 is great. Keep it up!

  2. Good buy. I'm long CSCO. The company has made smart moves the past two years and the future looks bright.

    1. Thanks IH, I like what I see here so I am hopeful for the future. Thanks for the comment!