Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Recent Buy (TGT) - July 19, 2016

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  • Bought 6.7 shares of TGT at $73.74 for a total of $500

This move increases my dividend projections by $16.15 annually and increases my TOTAL number of TGT shares to 23.73 shares.

In my weekly summaries,  the top stocks being bought lately are WFC and TGT. This isn't the reason I bought, but it is nice to have company when making a purchase. Looking at the chart below, you can see the current stock price (black line) is currently just below the earnings (orange line) and earnings projections are up over the next few years. That is one reason why I consider them to be valued fairly right now.


Another thing I like to look at is the dividend growth and the payout ratio. The data below shows a nice consistent dividend growth and also a respectable payout ratio. They appear to be raising the dividend in line with their EPS increases each year which is promising to see.


It is not all roses as I understand that Brick and Mortar stores are facing headwinds lately with online competitors and Target has been the bearer of quite a few public issues lately, but overall I think Target is here to stay and am not afraid to stockpile when the price is at a discount.

What do you think of TGT

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Long: TGT

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  1. Nice purchase with TGT. I want to build up my position also - maybe I need to average UP.

    1. Hi D4s! Not a lot of choices out there these days and even TGT is making a climb back but I can't sit around forever and wait for a full correction ya know! Thx for the comment!