Monday, July 25, 2016

Summary of Recent Buys - Week of July 18, 2016

My weekly summary of buys from around the blogging community.

I currently follow over 77 blogs to get this data!!!

If you have made purchases this week and do not see them on this list, please let me know and I will add you to my list of sites I monitor for buy posts. 


Another light week (in terms of buys, overall there was plenty of money put into the market) as the indexes are staying close to or exceeding all time highs. I am seeing many posts in the community about trying to find value in the market right now. It is tough for sure and has a lot of bloggers thinking about selling, myself included.

Top Trending Stocks!
1.WFC▬ +015
2.TGT▬ +011
3.ABT▼ -16
4.AAPL▼ -14
5.DIS▬ +04
6.BNS▼ -12
7.TIF▲ +22
8.NKE▼ -11


This weeks totals:

This WeekChange From Last Week
Total Stock Transactions277
Unique Stocks Bought/Sold269
Different Bloggers posting100
Total Cost$31,50912892
Increase in Dividends$1,148-299
Yield on Purchases3.6%-4.13%

I have charted the weekly S&P % Return vs Amount of Money invested in the market for that week.


Top Purchased Stocks this week

Top Buys This Week!
RankTicker# buys



Summary Of Stock Purchase Detail:

Here is the summary of stocks, amount invested, and which blogger posted the buy/sell with a link to the post (Note that blanks are from bloggers who don't post amount information):

Week of July 18
SectorTickerYieldAmountBlogger w/Link to Buy PostBuy/Sell
5ABBV3.57%1280Div GroBuy
4BEN2.05%310Mr Stock FoxBuy
1BSM6.74%320Mr Stock FoxBuy
4BX4.08%100Mr Stock FoxBuy
7CHRW2.39%360Mr Stock FoxBuy
7DIS1.46%100Desi DividendBuy
7GATX3.65%4400Simple Dividend GrowthBuy
5GILD2.12%4350Div GroBuy
5JNJ2.57%2500Young DividendBuy
7MCD2.78%2000Young DividendBuy
5MDT1.97%1250Young DividendBuy
8NEE2.68%1500Young DividendBuy
1NSU5.46%400Mr Stock FoxBuy
Captain DividendSell
5OHI6.78%940Mr Stock FoxBuy
3PII2.28%250Mr Stock FoxBuy
3RAI3.21%800Div GroBuy
1RDS.B6.30%2000My Dividend PipelineBuy
1SHLX3.02%200Mr Stock FoxBuy
7TGT3.15%500I Want To Retire SoonBuy
7TIF2.90%1674Div 4 SonBuy
7TIF2.90%3000Mr Stock FoxBuy
1UTX2.53%1250Young DividendBuy
4V0.775Mr Stock FoxBuy
4VER5.12%20Mr Stock FoxBuy
4WFC3.17%430Mr Stock FoxBuy
9XEL3.07%1500Young DividendBuy

Sector Information:
For the Sector information, I use FinViz.com when possible as it is easy to find a consistent sector list. Here are the Sector codes I use in the chart (# is the number of each stock purchased in that sector):

1Basic Materials54170
3Consumer Goods21050
6Industrial Goods00




I cross reference my list with A Frugal Family's Journey's list as well, but I do not guarantee the accuracy. If you see any mistakes, please comment or send me an email.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed investment professional. I am not liable for any losses suffered by any parties. Any information on this site is my opinion only and should not be used for investments of any kind.


  1. Thx for these lists! Really help alot

    1. Hi Jan! Thanks for the comment and stopping by to check us out!