Monday, August 1, 2016

Summary of Recent Buys - Week of July 25, 2016

My weekly summary of buys from around the blogging community.

I currently follow over 77 blogs to get this data!!!

If you have made purchases this week and do not see them on this list, please let me know and I will add you to my list of sites I monitor for buy posts. 


I found more buys this week than I was expecting, even though the overall amount invested was down slightly from last. There were several new names on the list this week including OHI, M, CSCO, and RAI. This tells me that people are looking for value outside of the normal names we see each week. Thats great! Keep up the good work everyone!

Top Trending Stocks!
1.WFC▼ -114
2.TGT▼ -110
3.DIS▲ +26
4.ABT▼ -15
5.AAPL▼ -13
6.GILD▲ +33
7.BNS▬ +02
8.M▲ +22
9.OHI▲ +22
10CSCO▲ +22

This weeks totals:

This WeekChange From Last Week
Total Stock Transactions4114
Unique Stocks Bought/Sold337
Different Bloggers posting2010
Total Cost$26,438-5071
Increase in Dividends$936-212
Yield on Purchases3.5%-0.10%

I have charted the weekly S&P % Return vs Amount of Money invested in the market for that week.


Top Purchased Stocks this week

Top Buys This Week!
RankTicker# buys

Summary Of Stock Purchase Detail:

Here is the summary of stocks, amount invested, and which blogger posted the buy/sell with a link to the post (Note that blanks are from bloggers who don't post amount information):

Week of July 25
SectorTickerYieldAmountBlogger w/Link to Buy PostBuy/Sell
5AMGN2.30%171Dividend LordBuy
Happy Healthy & Wealthy GirlSell
4AXP1.81%100Desi DividendBuy
1BBL2.51%250Race 2 RetirementBuy
4BNS4.37%250Passive Income MavericksBuy
6CAT3.75%-1001Dividend for StartersSell
4CLDT5.49%227Race 2 RetirementBuy
1COP3.75%210Race 2 RetirementBuy
7CSCO3.39%450I Want To Retire SoonBuy
7CSCO3.39%2495American Dividend DreamBuy
5CVS1.81%97Dividend LordBuy
7DIS1.49%1447Div 4 SonBuy
7DIS1.49%100Happy Healthy & Wealthy GirlBuy
7DIS1.49%146Dividend SwanBuy
3F4.82%1207Happy Healthy & Wealthy GirlBuy
7FOX1.10%100Happy Healthy & Wealthy GirlBuy
5GILD2.33%80Dividend LordBuy
5GILD2.33%1782Desi DividendBuy
5GILD2.33%1034Happy Healthy & Wealthy GirlBuy
7GWW2.25%218Div HutBuy
4HCN4.35%382Passive Income MavericksBuy
4HCP5.84%-1118New to DividendsSell
7M4.26%61Happy Healthy & Wealthy GirlBuy
7M4.26%3200My Dividend PipelineBuy
5OHI6.93%341Race 2 RetirementBuy
5OHI6.93%1750Dividend HawkBuy
1868Dividend MogulBuy
8QCOM3.43%270Race 2 RetirementBuy
3RAI3.36%861Dividend ReaperBuy
3RAI3.36%1215New to DividendsBuy
7RCII2.94%1008Happy Healthy & Wealthy GirlBuy
7SBUX1.39%50Dividend MogulBuy
9SO4.17%265Race 2 RetirementBuy
4STAG5.50%241Race 2 RetirementBuy
5SYK1.30%3040Young DividendBuy
4TROW3.09%280Desi DividendBuy
4TU4.27%330Race 2 RetirementBuy
3UL3.03%83Dividend LordBuy
7VOD5.03%308Passive Income MavericksBuy
7YUM2.06%198Desi DividendBuy

Sector Information:
For the Sector information, I use FinViz.com when possible as it is easy to find a consistent sector list. Here are the Sector codes I use in the chart (# is the number of each stock purchased in that sector):

3Consumer Goods55810
1Basic Materials3460
6Industrial Goods1-1001




I cross reference my list with A Frugal Family's Journey's list as well, but I do not guarantee the accuracy. If you see any mistakes, please comment or send me an email.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed investment professional. I am not liable for any losses suffered by any parties. Any information on this site is my opinion only and should not be used for investments of any kind.


  1. Great round up as always. Thank you for including my GWW buy :) Alwyas nice to see what others are buying.

    1. Thanks DivHut! Glad I could provide the info!

  2. That's a pretty chunk of data you've got there!
    Great work.

    I hope to be included soon, as I'm working on a whole list of recent buys :)

    Best wishes, DfS

    1. Thanks DfS! I look forward to seeing your buys :)

  3. Interesting that the S&P % Return vs Amount of Money invested are starting to merge. Up to this point the lines were polar opposites. Interesting to see if this leads anywhere or is just a temporary blip.

    1. Neat observation Ken. I have been working on a couple other metrics as well to hopefully shed some more light on trends, but they aren't ready for prime time yet. I just need some more data. As I always say "Is it useful? I dont know, but its interesting to analyze" :) Thanks for the note!