Tuesday, September 6, 2016

August 2016 Dividend Income

Details are below for income I received in August, but in summary, I received $116.68 from 10 different stocks. These were reinvested to increase my annual dividends by $7.30. This is slightly higher from my August 2015 results, and that is due largely to owning more stocks this year than last. I kind of forgot about my FRIP plan to buy MMM as it auto buys whenever there is enough money in the FRIP account to buy. This month, I had enough to buy the 1 share of MMM which I am ok with. I love MMM but it has had quite a run up like most other stocks recently.

My new projected annual dividends are now at $1,554.68

See my full portfolio here.

Dividends - Amount I was paid from the stock
Annual Dividend - Amount that the stock pays annually for each share that is owned
Shares Purchased - Amount of shares I reinvested based on the dividends I received
Added Annual Dividends - Amount of additional annual dividends I plan to receive based on the additional shares. 

August 2016 Dividends
TickerDividendsAnnual DividendShares PurchasedAdded Annual Dividends


* HTR, RY, HCP all go into my Scottrade FRIP account for future purchases at no additional fee to me. This month, I had enough to buy the 1 additional share of MMM at no cost.

Total dividends received since May of 2015: $1623.00


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  1. Man, you crushed August 2015 dividend income. Nice job Adam. This is what DG investing is all about. Continuous growth month over month, year over year. Congrats.

    1. Thanks Nathan! August was a great month and seeing the growth is really cool. Can't wait to see where we will all be at in a few years! Thanks for the comment!