Tuesday, August 8, 2017

July 2017 Dividend Income

Details are below for income I received in July, but in summary, I received $98.04 from 9 different companies! It is a lower amount for sure, but hey, its still money! Last month was awesome, so I get why this month is slightly low.

My current Cash holdings in my accounts are just above $5,500 which is about 11% of my portfolio at this point. I am still slowly looking at things to buy but also perfectly happy holding cash.

My new projected annual dividends are now at $1,781.68

See my full portfolio here.

Total dividends received since May of 2015: $3099.52

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  1. $98 is still money indeed. We all feel a little let down after a June high but as long as that passive income keeps rolling in and you are able to grow every year you're golden. I'm reading more and more about people holding/building their cash piles. Everyone is anticipating that big drop. It will come when we least expect it, that's for sure.

  2. 98.00 is awesome and will continue to grow and grow and grow. keep buying solid stocks and it will continue to grow. keep it up

  3. You're fast approaching your 2016 total. Keep it up Adam,